Alternative Views

Group exhibition, The Blue House Gallery, Schull, Co Cork, Ireland 17/5/19 – 29/5/19 Curated by Ana Ospina.

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Ciara Rodgers, Ariels I, Dipole, 2019, compressed charcoal on fabriano, 77x77cm
(Alternative Views, The Blue House Gallery, Schull, Co. Cork 17/5/19 – 29/5/19)

Ciara Rodgers, Untitled, 2019, compressed charcoal on paper mounted on birchwood ply, 50x60cm

Statement of Practice 

Taking road trips to West Cork on the brightest days in Early Spring to gather research for this body of work led me to home in on run-down structures at the edges of the many rural towns I passed through. These structures are either shut down and disused or closed for the season during the Spring months. They were no longer serving a function for the locals and struck a contrast to the new architectures and shiny signage in the areas.

These obsolete buildings from recent pasts are expressed in the charcoal drawings in Alternative Views within remote vistas devoid of current human activity but nonetheless claiming a presence of their own. The grey, isolated, mundane spaces and structures becoming ravaged by nature serve as a reminder to me of the temporality of my own existence and an uncanny sense of a past dimension, previous human activity hangs in the air all around them.

Ciara Rodgers, At Your Service I, 2019, compressed charcoal on paper, 77x77cm
(Alternative Views, The Blue House Gallery, Schull, Co. Cork 17/5/19 – 29/5/19)

Instant Analog narratives were made both during fieldwork and live Sculptural Installation within my studio as both a response and as witness to my activities. My ongoing research is centered around the modern ruin and the frequency of cyclical change in the built environment, we no longer seem to outlive the purpose of the built structures around us.

Ciara Rodgers, May 2019