Monuments of Abandoned Futures

Exhibition Text

LHQ Gallery, Cork 19/9/19 – 10/10/19

Opening remarks 1pm 19/09/19 Dr. Fergal Gaynor, Editor of The Enclave Review, contemporary arts magazine.

Rodgers works with various visual media; polaroid photography, Installation, primarily producing large scale charcoal drawings. The defunct architectural landscape is her subject matter along with; the ideals of utopian mid-century modernism, the retro futuristic legacy of the 1960’s animation, The Jetsons, the relationship we have with the historic built environment and the values or lack thereof we impose on it.

The exhibition title is derived from an early docu-fiction by the artist Robert Smithson titled “A Tour of the Monuments of Passaic, New Jersey”, 1967 which records a journey through an industrial wasteland where the artist reimagines rusty pipelines, buildings and bridges as monuments. Taking her lead from the space aged optimism of mid-century architecture and invention, Ciara shares the desire of Smithson to apply her own fiction to less appreciated landscapes, reimagining what’s already there

Rodgers, C., Las Venus I, 2019, Charcoal and Pastel on Fabriano, 150 x 180cm.
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