Where Troubles Begin and Logic Dies, “My Bed” by Tracey Emin

Loneliness and Isolation; Understanding and Expression through the work of Sophia Coppola, Sophie Calle and Tracey Emin Chapter ThreeWhere Troubles Begin and Logic Dies, My Bed by Tracey Emin“Bed shows the absolute mess and decay of my life” In the 1990’s the Young British Artists came to prominence after Charles Saatchi gave patronage to variousContinue reading “Where Troubles Begin and Logic Dies, “My Bed” by Tracey Emin”

Feeling like Bill Murray?

Apart from the obvious- Ground hog Day (Harold Rammis, 1993), the “Bill Murray feeling/sighing” that I seem to be experiencing during this coronavirus pandemic stems from the character, Bob, which he played in the feature film, Lost in Translation (Sophia Coppola, 2003). **Spoilers** I wrote a chapter back in 2016 giving my sourced analysis andContinue reading “Feeling like Bill Murray?”

Brutalism’s uncanny existence

Ruined modern spaces interrupt the flow of capitalism’s escalated sense of the present tense by creating somewhere a little more desolate, existing outside of one’s everyday city experience. As author and philosophy researcher Dylan Trigg writes, these spaces are haunting in that they insist upon the integration of the past into the present by troublingContinue reading “Brutalism’s uncanny existence”

Katinka Bock

Using clay, natural, and found materials, and more recently bronze, Katinka Bock (France, born Germany 1976) creates sculptures and installations that explore temporality and space, and that also mine the territories of history and geography. While often dealing with natural alteration processes, or filming the disappearance of sculptural elements, she creates a continuous movement betweenContinue reading “Katinka Bock”

The Lost Books of The Odyssey by Zachary Mason

A brilliant and beguiling reimagining of one of our greatest myths by a gifted young writer, Zachary Mason’s brilliant and beguiling debut novel, The Lost Books of the Odyssey, reimagines Homer’s classic story of the hero Odysseus and his long journey home after the fall of Troy. With brilliant prose, terrific imagination, and dazzling literary skill,Continue reading “The Lost Books of The Odyssey by Zachary Mason”

The Folly in Architecture

Folly, (from French folie, “foolishness”) is a costly, generally nonfunctional building that was erected to enhance a natural landscape. Follies first gained popularity in England, and they were particularly in vogue during the 18th and early 19th centuries, when design was dominated by the ideas of  Romanticism. Thus, depending on the designer’s or owner’s tastes, a folly might beContinue reading “The Folly in Architecture”