Collage is something that I have become fascinated with as a medium. From exhibitions that I have attended such as Malala Andrialavidrazana at Eva International  I can see that it is a difficult medium to "get right" but when it is, it is very visually effective. Collage at Glasgow international, I was especially interested in how this work… Continue reading Collage

The Absurd in minimalist art

interesting blog post  the possible psychological ramifications of physical spaces. Minimalist installations at Glasgow International 2018 Minimalism in its purest form can often face media backlash! I admit to laughing out loud at the absurd genius of Urs Fischer "Maybe" as I entered the massive space of the Modern Institute. Reminds me of how absurd the… Continue reading The Absurd in minimalist art

Eva International Opening Weekend

38th Eva International Opening Friday 13 April The 38th edition of EVA International 2018 connects the narrative futures of early twentieth century Ireland with the sexual and identity politics of the present day. The exhibition takes its starting point from the painting Night Candles are Burnt Out (1927) by Irish artist Sean Keating, which presents… Continue reading Eva International Opening Weekend