BEYOND DIALOGUE // MTU Crawford College of Art & Design Degree Show 2017

Artist Statement

At our core, we remain unknown even to ourselves. Some elements remain unconscious and unformulated while we are fully aware of others. Environments can evoke an emotional response without us quite understanding the reasons, creating a feeling of the unknown or perhaps curiosity.

Isolated passageways in the work are intended to give the viewer a sense of foreboding, an ominousness. Psychological space shares a boundary with our immediate physical space. The viewer is invited to recognise uncertainty and to find their own way. Existential philosophy stresses the idea that we are all trying to find our place in the world despite facing the scientific picture of an infinite, labyrinthine universe.

This relationship between mind and space is described using architectural elements; arches, corridors, and doorways. The textural, grubby surface of the paper with elements of the working environment embedded in the wax, represents the known, concrete experiences of the past in contrast to the uncertain passageways of the future.

Ciara Rodgers, May 2017

Image Credits (above): Darragh Kane