Liminal Space

You can define liminal space in several different ways. It comes from the Latin root word "limen," which means threshold. Liminal spaces are transitional or transformative spaces. They are the waiting areas between one point in time and space and the next. Often, when we are in liminal spaces, we have the feeling of just being on… Continue reading Liminal Space


Observatories on the Earths surface are used to make observations in the radio and visible light portions of the electromagnetic spectrum. Most optical telescopes are housed within a dome or similar structure, to protect the delicate instruments from the elements. Telescope domes have a slit or other opening in the roof that can be opened during observing and closed when the telescope is not… Continue reading Observations

The uncanny in architectural forms in the changing city face and skyline

Notes from placing practice discussion Creating architectural forms through 3D printing/ decaying forms/ demolition sites/ disappearance/ new contrasting materials within architectural forms/ Cork to have 2 new skyscrapers Time- flaws and failures – future considerations eg. Climate change  Reading: The Elysian; Creative Responses 3D Paper Craft workshop beginning May 9th for four weeks, group of… Continue reading The uncanny in architectural forms in the changing city face and skyline

New skyline

So alas, the view from my studio window of government buildings has completely changed, it's gone. This is a "new building" within my viewpoint that I find interesting. The "death" of a building and the changing skyline. I've been recently expanding my process to include paint and collage. I Began this large scale drawing this… Continue reading New skyline