O Vello Cárcere de Lugo, España

June- October 2021

Text from Curator Aitor Merino Martinez, translated from Spanish:

The German historian Aby Warburg dedicated his last years to the Atlas Mnemosyne project, which was finally left unfinished at his death. With this project Aby Warburg wanted to abandon the history of canonical art, narrated linearly and starring mostly male painters and sculptors. In his Atlas Mnemosyne he arranged 60 wooden panels in which he distributed some 2000 reproductions of paintings, sculptures, engravings, photographs and journalistic images made by men, women, groups or even anonymously authored. These images were not arranged chronologically or by schools, as was usual, but rather thematically. In this way, Warburg built in each of these panels a network of associations with constant jumps in chronology, location, material or aesthetics.
In this exhibition I have tried to build an Atlas of 20th century Spanish art, grouping the more than a hundred works that make it up by subject matter, thus allowing the public to analyze the way in which the representation of issues has evolved aesthetically and materially. like the portrait, the anatomical studies, the landscape, the urban views or the still life. My Atlas is not only made up of famous creators of Spanish art such as Eduardo Arroyo, Manolo Hugué, Bernardí Roig, Valentín de Zubiaurre or Ismael de la Serna, but also by some thirty creators, emerging artists and collectives. With paper as the main support, this Atlas coexists with drawings, oils, watercolors, photographs, engravings, collages, lithographs, graffiti, advertising images, tattoos or costume designs and scenography with the intention of allowing a cross-sectional study of Spanish art of the century 

Cell: The Ruin: Cristina Iglesias (b. 1956) , Ciara Rodgers (b. 1982), Amelia Riera (b 1934)