ARTSevilla 2019

ARTSevilla 2019 | Bauhaus: a 100 años de la revolución total de un lenguaje, Group Exhibition, Casa de la Provincia, Sevilla, Andalusia, Spain 28/11/19 – 12/1/2020. Curated by Noelia Arrincón

100 years of the School that brought rationalism and democratization to conceive the industrial and graphic design of our days. ARTSevilla 2019 pays tribute to the Bauhaus, founded in 1919 by Walter Gropius in Weimar (Germany).

Translated from the Spanish Press Release:

ARTSevilla 2019 | Bauhaus: 100 years after the total revolution of a language

From November 28 to January 12 at the House of the Province of Seville

ARTSevilla 2019 – The Bauhaus (1919-1933) must be present today and always for many of the values ​​that inspired its creation and for the infinity of principles it sowed during its existence.

We are facing a collective exhibition that celebrates its centenary and in which we can see a wide representation of Andalusian geometric language, full of everything beautiful and sublime that transmits order to our perception.

The forty-three artists who live in this exhibition today defend the need to rebuild today’s society, the need to reinvent ourselves. It combines, at the same time, both the disciplines and many of the means of expression that were used in the School. Paintings coexist with furniture, glass with wood, theater with drawing, graphic arts with textiles and typography with metal, all with the spectacle of something that Theo Von Doesburg defended around 1923: achieving the essence of art eliminating the superfluous.

I can’t say goodbye without saying two things. The first is to be very grateful for the reception that this project has had among the artists who were invited to participate, present or not, but, of course, all of you, those of you. Thanks! It has been a pleasure to maintain that invisible thread of communication with each one of you.

The second is that it is inevitable to think that each act of a human being is directly and closely related to his emotional education. Hence this project was born, from an impulse of attraction that I had since my birth, thanks to my mother, for order and geometry. This fact means that I am here today, presenting the first of many historical collectives of a professional career that has only just begun.

Noelia Arrincón Castilla
Curator of the exhibition

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