Getting some thoughts in order

After an intensive taught studio masters, I am now now in research stages for my next body of work. Some reflective writing on the work made for Memories of a Nervous System is helpful to continue my art practice effectively.

On Juncture II:
This work was made for my MA final exhibition “Memories of a Nervous System” Research for this drawing, part of the “Juncture” series involved the brutalist architecture style and philosophy. My studio had a view of the demolition of the former tax office building which until recently housed many of the city’s art students(including myself), artist studios and a gallery.

On Pre Fabricate:
I am interested in the process of construction-demolition- reconstruction. Brutalist architecture often used precast concrete elements in order to build up a structure. This work was made to unravel,reconstruct and abstract the idea of defunct structures and objects.

On Leg Work series:
This series of instant analogue photographs were taken during field research and constructed spaces in my studio. The photographs were then edited into curious narratives of non descript times or places.

I like to think of my work as a blurring of reality and fiction and positive and negative space through drawings, collage and instant analogue photographs.
Truthful utilitarian concrete structures from a recent Utopian thinking Era are set into ambiguous vistas through my charcoal drawing and instant analogue constructed narratives. Uncanny dimensions where time and space are blurred, and the familiar becomes increasingly alienlike with the addition of candy colored pigment to plaster sculptural forms.

I am driven to make my work as an act of witness to the built environments which disappear or become crime-ridden, dilapidated and defunct. My research of honest but unnoticed liminal architecture challenges for me an increasingly less truthful and physical experience of the postmodern world during this time of increasing political and moral polarization.

Ciara Rodgers

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