The uncanny in architectural forms in the changing city face and skyline

Notes from placing practice discussion

Creating architectural forms through 3D printing/ decaying forms/ demolition sites/ disappearance/ new contrasting materials within architectural forms/ Cork to have 2 new skyscrapers

Time- flaws and failures – future considerations eg. Climate change

 Reading: The Elysian; Creative Responses

3D Paper Craft workshop beginning May 9th for four weeks, group of 12 – Dunmanway is a town in County Cork, in the southwest of Ireland. It is the geographical centre of the region known as West Cork.


The sensation of ‘uncanniness’ is an especially difficult feeling to define precisely. Neither absolute terror nor mild anxiety, the uncanny seemed easier to describe than in terms of what it was not than in any essential sense of its own… The psychologist Ernst Jentsch, in an essay of 1906,… attributed the feeling of the uncanny (‘Unheimlich’) to a fundamental insecurity brought about by a “lack of orientation”, a sense of something new, foreign, and hostile invading an old, familiar, customary world


Meeting soon with Aoife Browne –Artist in Residence at CCAE (Cork Centre for Architectural Education)

 Teaching digital fabrication in CCAE last 2 years-present

Aoife Browne, Director of ESUVIA
is Awarded FUTURE ARTIST MAKER at Fab Lab Limerick
for her artwork “Digital Veil” which is an insightful review of our boundary conditions in Ireland today.
Featured in the HYBRID Exhibition Limerick,2016.

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