Katinka Bock

Using clay, natural, and found materials, and more recently bronze, Katinka Bock (France, born Germany 1976) creates sculptures and installations that explore temporality and space, and that also mine the territories of history and geography. While often dealing with natural alteration processes, or filming the disappearance of sculptural elements, she creates a continuous movement between outdoor and indoor spaces, the exhibition space and the production site.
The work of Katinka Bock is investigating the material conditions through a different range of media: from sculpture as a central point, but also using film, photography and publishing. Her work deals with questions about language, commun space and sharing. She articulates vocabulary of forms and effects: clay, ceramic, textiles, flow of liquids, straps and webbing, fruit and other fickle materials, articulated together sometimes in precarious and vulnerable situations, sometimes they appear solid and ready to endure for thousands of years.
Her sculptures are the result of an event, sometimes contradictory to the used material. Each of these installations defines a space and often seems to wrestle against the claustrophobia of the exhibition spaces, tending to open doors, windows, walls, holes by which to escape, or to let in rain or air.