Coexisting states

Using buildings and architectural elements in collage to attempt to represent the absurd in the philosophical sense.

Albert Camus is an existential philosopher who I wrote about in my thesis for my degree which is an area that I enjoy researching. According to Robert C. Solomon, “The existential attitude begins with a disoriented individual facing a confused world that she cannot accept…Like it’s successor, “postmodernism”, existentialism marks the ever-increasing failure of modern humanity to find itself “at home” in the world” (Solomon, R. C. Existentialism. New York: Oxford University Press, 2005, p. 11-12)

I am trying to juxtapose the shiny contemporary pillar against the 20th-century modernist high rise building by adjoining them with a shadow. The idea that things are ever changing and that the future is uncertain. A more subtle example.

The new building is looming and ever-present while the modernist building is almost apologetic in the background. They are on a coloured or empty plane to float or to depict how absurd life and even the concept of time can feel sometimes.

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