Exhibition Proposal Ideas

Quick Sketches of Ideas for Proposal

Idea 1

An aquarium site as a viewing point for future submerged architecture. Exhibition would be a simulation of the future state of our buildings. Anticipated Ruins.

Idea 2

Bridging islands – stepping stones on the tops of sections of modernist structures/pillars/chimneys/cement. Glengarrif/Garinish Island as site.

Idea 3

Cast replica of the Elysian spire submerged in seawater in a glass tank. Site would be on the roof of the Elysian Tower- an island for cars.

Idea 4

Draining the Gearagh village to reveal the submerged houses 60 years later.

The Gearagh, near Macroom, Co Cork, is one of four inland forest deltas in the world and is widely described as the most ecologically intact.

The land was controversially flooded by the ESB in the 1950s to make way for hydroelectric dams at Macroom and Inniscarra.