The Ghost of George Boole. On display in Henchy's bar, St. Lukes, Cork. Art Exhibition in aid of Anitas Orphanage Cambodia Running until 4th of November 2017.

It’s great to be involved in such a worthwhile project and the closing event even features a traditional stew tasting competition!

Taken from

“Through decades of war, exploding land mines, poverty and rampant diseases such as AIDS, Cambodias orphanage population continues to grow. Anita’s Orphanage was born from the experiences of a man named Momo Akbari in 2002 who rescued an orphan from the streets and subsequently dedicated his life to the plight of orphans in Shannaukville, a town in the south of Cambodia. In 2005 Martin McHenry, a Cork based builder was travelling to Southeast Asia. Whilst visiting Cambodia he met and befriended Momo. The orphanage at that time was funded by Momos sister Anita through her business. Later that same year, Martin discovered that because of an unforeseen collapse in Anitas business, all funding for the orphanage came to an abrupt end. As a result Martin and his friend Maura Sheehan decided to take up the mantle of continuous fund raising and are now 8 years on, the sole provider of it’s monthly requirements. This could only have been achieved through the generosity of the people of Cork.”

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